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How to install Windows 11 in Dell vostro Laptop with USB

There are a few steps that should follow by the user to install Windows 11 on the laptop as given here.

Install Windows 11 in Dell vostro  Laptop with USB

In this post, all steps are given to install easily windows 11 in Dell vostro Laptop easily which makes your experience better.

Download Windows 11 ISO File.

Windows 11 is normally available on the internet for download, you can download it from it, the best option is that you download it from Microsoft website.

Download Rufus

After downloading windows 11 ISO you must need a USB to make it bootable device. So download RUFUS.

How to Boot Windows 11

  • After downloading RUFUS and Microsoft Windows 11, You need to make boot windows 11 on USB as a given step.
  • Run RUFUS
  • Select Window ISO 
  • Now Select GPT / MBR Partition Type 
  • Now Click on start.
  • After a few minutes competing of in this process windows, 11 will be boot in a USB

How to OPEN Boot MENU 

  • Press start bottom of Dell Laptop vostro 
  • Now click on the ESC button 
  • Now Option will appear 
  • Select Boot USB

How to start Installation of Windows 11 in DELL vostro Laptop

After Selecting the Boot Menu Window Option of Installation Appear

Click on Install

Now click on Install Now

After this partition of the Hard disk appear Click of Format 

After Format your window drive click on Next

Windows Installation will start 

Windows 11 complete

After installation windows 11 ask about your user name password or such little information to complete the windows installation finished.

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